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Owli Swaddle Palm Springs
Owli Swaddle Palm Springs
Owli Swaddle Palm Springs
Owli Swaddle Palm Springs
Owli Swaddle Palm Springs
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Owli Swaddle Palm Springs

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Owli Swaddle allows babies to feel safe and secure by wrapping them snuggly, mimicking the feeling
of being in the womb. Don’t worry, though! You don’t need to be a swaddling expert, Owli does it all
for you.

EFFECTIVE: Helps baby sink into peaceful sleep, by providing a womb-like environment
HIP-FRIENDLY: Hip-friendly design that does not inhibit baby’s leg movements
EASY TO USE: ONE-step swaddling that does not require any complicated techniques, thanks to the
simple to use zip-up design
Does not inhibit any of the baby’s natural movements due to its special design using flexible Lycra
Ensures the proper and ideal snugness for swaddling.
Owli’s special design feature does not lead to hip dislocation, and supports healthy development of
baby’s hips.
Owli swaddle helps babies sleep a longer and more uninterrupted sleep by gently wrapping their
With the light and breathable cotton fabric, Owli swaddle can be used throughout the year.
2-way zipper allows for simple and practical use. All you need to do to swaddle your baby is in one
step—gently and lovingly zip up your baby in the Owli swaddle, and all is done!
The 2-way zipper also allows for fuss free quick and easy diaper changes.
The swaddle easily converts into a sleeping bag anytime by simply unsnapping the snaps in the
armholes. This feature helps your baby gradually transition from swaddle to sleeping bag.
WARNING: As keeping baby’s arms wrapped up may pose a risk once the baby starts to roll over on
his/her own (generally around the 6-month mark), Owli swaddle should be used as a sleeping bag
with the baby’s arms free around this time.

Materials: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
Made in Turkey.

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