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Should we swaddling baby?

The practice of swaddling is widespread since antiquity. It was widely practiced especially in the 18th century to protect babies from the also in the idea of helping the development of the body.

Virtues for baby sleep

Sleep problems are common: 31% of babies have disturbed nights and 27% have difficulty falling asleep. Swaddling is it the solution? Moms say that babies who could not sleep fell asleep almost instantly, others woke spend almost a full night

In fact; it does seem that swaddling helps babies sleep. This position could remind him the limits of mom's belly and soothe anxieties, for the fact that being in a big empty bed, plenty of space is a stress for the baby.

In addition, nighttime awakenings are sometimes linked to uncontrolled arm movements, the "Moro reflex". The swaddling would then remove the cause, promoting sleep.

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